Compressed Air

U.S. Petroleum Equipment is your authorized Champion Compressor dealer.   Our crews have the experience to install compressors and piping to provide the air you need to keep your facility operating at top performance.  Whether it is a reciprocating or screw compressor we have the equipment you need.  Call us with your needs and we can size a compressor that is right for you.  We can also draw our AutoCAD machine to assist you in making decisions regarding piping size, drops, reels, or other applications you will need in your shop. 

Reciprocating Air-Cooled Air Compressors

Advantage Series
The Advantage Series is a fully packaged unit with all of the additional accessories customers need included. Advantage series compressors are typically shipped from the factory in 24 hours or less. Compressors are shipped ready to install and operate. Each new assembled unit has a five-year, pro-rated warranty on the compressor pump.
Specifications and Features
• 5 – 25 hp
• Maximum Pressure Up to 175 psig
• 16.5 – 90.1 acfm at 175 psig
• Two Stage, Splash Lubricated
• Tank Mounted, Simplex and Duplex Models
• Vertical or Horizontal Configurations
• Package comes standard with up to six pre-installed options
• Factory filled with ChampLub lubricant