Fuel Control

U.S. Petroleum Equipment can help you with your fuel control needs.   We have factory certified technicians for FuelMaster, Gasboy, and Petrovend systems.  Call us for pricing and system features and options.

Available with ProKee® Access and Optional Credit Card Reader
FuelMaster® saves you money by eliminating manual tracking of fuel transactions and increasing accountability. Return on investment generally occurs within the first year of operation.

FuelMaster® engineers and technicians provide the best product support service in the industry. Toll-free support directly to your fuel island, as well as PC to PC training and assistance, saves you time and money.

FuelMaster® was designed with the user in mind. Its rugged construction and modular design ensures durability and ease of maintenance. A service life of 15 years or more can be expected. Extended maintenance contracts are affordable and provide total support for the life of the system.

FuelMaster® doesn't stop there! Its flexibility permits numerous, diverse uses; e.g., a gate opener, car wash activator, or controlling access to chemicals, to name a few. Consider a FuelMaster® Fuel Management System... and start saving money today!

Features and Benefits

Credit Cards & Electronic Read/Write Key

FuelMaster® may be activated by many popular credit cards or by the rugged ProKee®. ProKee®s are great for fleet operations or gas club members, while credit cards may be used for retail sales. ProKee®s are high strength, plastic composite keys containing nonvolatile, read/write memory chips, which can be encoded with confidential information to control access to dispensers and streamline product transaction data.

Receipt and Journal Printer

A real-time, on-site journal printer can provide hard copy backups of all transactions. A receipt printer is also available.

Alternative Fuels

FuelMaster® is a leader in the alternative fuels arena... from CNG to E85! FuelMaster® can control and measure any liquid or gaseous fuel. Its ease of maintenance and reliability has made FuelMaster® the choice of leaders in the alternative fuels field.

Preventative Maintenance Alert & MPG

Based on odometer/hour readings, the system calculates vehicle efficiency and fuel consumption and alerts the driver and supervisor to maintenance requirements.

Inventory Control/Tank Monitor Interface

The addition of a tank monitor interface kit permits automatic reconciliation of tank levels with FuelMaster®'s declining balance.

Tanker Truck Accountability

Refueling accomplished by tanker trucks may be captured by using a Mobile FuelMaster® FMU2525.


The FuelMaster® system may be expanded to control an almost limitless number of fueling sites. Each site consists of a master unit with up to eight satellites.


FuelMaster® is warranted for one year from date of installation or fifteen months from day of shipment.

Modular Electronics

Modular design and construction ensure reliability and ease of maintenance of your FuelMaster® Fuel Management System. Site operators can quickly and easily change out modular components, if necessary, with the assistance of FuelMaster® technicians.

Central Controller

Comprehensive transaction reports and invoices are generated by the Central Controller (a PC operating Windows® 2000 or Windows®XP Professional). Transaction data can be easily exported to most fleet maintenance programs.

Customer Satisfaction

Check with FuelMaster® customers before you buy a fuel management system. You will find that FuelMaster®'s rugged construction and ease of maintenance maximize its benefit to our customers. FuelMaster® owners who previously operated other brands of fuel management systems are our best salespeople.