Piping and Sumps

​​The 1” size of APT piping can be used in both pressure and suction applications and are ideal for providing remote feed and fill for heaters, boilers and emergency generators. The 1½”, 1¾” and 2” sizes of APT product piping can be used in both pressure and suction applications and are ideal for underground service station fuel delivery systems. The D series piping is a single wall direct bury piping, while the SC series piping provides additional environmental security as a secondary contained direct bury pipe. Both feature controlled flexibility, even in low temperatures, permitting fast, easy installation.
Large Mouth” LM Series Dispenser Sump
The Large Mouth series dispenser sump modular design provides versatility and ease of installation. There are six polyethylene bases in three lengths and two depths. These bases have a large 22” wide by 24”, 36” or 48” long openings, easing the installation of entry boots and piping connections. The ribbed riser can be cut down in 3” increments in the field to achieve proper pipe slopes with respect to grade. A variety of large mouth tops (LMTs) are available to match nearly every dispenser model. The lids are corrosion-resistant painted steel to which shear valves and dispenser frames are mounted.

Flexible Entry Boots
APT flexible entry boots are a two-piece boot that doubles the sealing power of your entry boot. Stainless steel studs and corrosion resistant nuts and washer plates make for the highest quality entry boot. APT offers a complete line of sizes for ½“ thru 4“ single and secondary containment pipe. The 1 ½“ thru 2 ½“ sizes are also available in a ducted boot version to accommodate the use of APT’s DCT-400 corrugated ducting for easy retractability