Vehicle Lifts

USPE provides a variety of vehicle lifts for use in body shops, service centers, quick lubes, car dealerships, tire dealerships, municipal garages, golf courses, etc. USPE provides in house design and factory authorized work. USPE is a master stocking Rotary Lift distributor and installer. USPE also offers a leasing program, which allows a lift to fit into almost anyone's budget.  convenience of a Rotary Lift.
Engineered for Productivity
For decades, Rotary has been the recognized leader in vehicle service lifts. This legendary reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market.
Service and Support
With Rotary lifts, you have the service and support you need. Our world-wide network of service companies (U.S. Petroleum Equipment) are always standing by.
Lift Safety Standards
Most of our lifts are third party tested by ETL and certified by ALI to meet or exceed strict ANSI standards such as cable cut and deformation tests. Be sure the lift you buy has the gold ALI/ETL label that assures your lift has been tested to meet these standards.
Key Productivity Features
Dual controls with 110V electric and air outlets right on the lift make this two-post lift the ultimate choice for productivity seeking technicians and managers.
AR / ARO Model Optional Accessories
• Ramp kits are available for drive-through operation.
• Optional accessories include work steps, rolling oil pans with splash guards, and more.
• Open or closed yoke models are available to improve access to vehicle undercarriage.
Four-Post Alignment Features
• Four-Post alignment lifts feature the same great construction features of general service four-post lifts, plus:
• Alignment lifts include two rolling jacks, recessed rear slip plates and stainless steel radius gauges.
• Perform four-wheel alignments on vehicles with wheelbases up to 212 1/2"
• Adjustable latch bar ensures the runways are level when resting on the latch bar at any of the multiple locking positions.
• Molded yoke cap covers that keep debris away from yoke sheaves.
• Non-welded track to accommodate rolling jacks and drain pans.
• Open front or open rear design for under vehicle access.
• Dual function sentinel lock system features a patent pending slack cable guide arm that stays "on guard" to manage the lock latch. In a slack cable situation, the lock system kicks the lock into position. Fewer parts, less opportunity for service issues and more piece of mind.
• Rotary four-post alignment lifts are be equipped with recessed alignment equipment. All Rotary alignment equipment is fully compatible with the new technology alignment systems on the market today.
• Controls are mounted on the front column for increased technician convenience.
• Rotary power unit located on the front column for more efficient performance.
• Cylinder under runway eliminates any opportunity for vehicle door or mirror damage.
• Portable work step is optional on SM and SMO series lifts.
• Non Skid Surface allows sure grip of tires and a "sure foot" for technicians standing on the lift.
• Protective strips on ramp ends eliminate floor gouging.
• More Rise - A full 73 3/4" of rise, the highest in the industry.
• Movable and replaceable rolling jack stops are made of "conveyor belt strength" rubber, giving full flexibility to limit the travel of 1 or 2 jacks.
• Cable inspection port allows a view of 100% length of the cable, an ANSI requirement.
• Filter / lubricator / regulator for clean, lubricated air which will extend the life of your lift and air powered tools.
• Automatic ramp chocks engage when the lift is raised. Clearance holes allow the ramp chocks to clear runway bolts with less noise on vehicle approach.
SmartLift® Features
• Capacities: 10,000 to 12,000 lbs.
• Saves space - 11 SmartLifts fit in the space of 10 surface lifts.
• Low-profile arms great for vehicles with low ground clearance.
• No hard piping between the lift and its power source.
• Without columns, risk of vehicle damage is eliminated; shop appearance and employee workspace is improved.
• 60 gallons less oil than old low-pressure in ground lifts.
• Removable non-skid cover plate with a leak resistant seal allows easy access to interior system. Fully contained polymer composite housing with SMARTGUARD® Protection protects the entire unit from the environment. A flexible entry boot keeps moisture from seeping between the PVC chase and entry. Also includes a containment access hole for visual inspection.
• New patent pending LDS signals the user if moisture accumulates in the containment and helps prevent the accumulation of water.
• Patent pending air actuated air cylinder uses stainless steel and polymer construction for maximum corrosion resistance and service life. Locks engage at multiple locking positions. The latch release control is conveniently located on the easy touch control panel.
• EasyAccess™ cylinder design does not require bleeding and can be removed for servicing while other components remain in place. All hose connections can be accessed from floor level. (Patent Pending)
• Three-position flip-up adapters on 10,000 lb. lifts and stackable pad adapters for 12,000 lb. lifts are perfect for cars, vans and trucks.
• Compact, low-profile super-structure features a non-skid coating for easy drive over capability.
• Three-position wheel spotting dish.
• Stainless steel hose fittings on equalizer bar.
MACH Portable lifts
Standard Features
• (4) mobile columns accommodating heavy duty trucks and light duty passenger vehicles
• Automatic steering system
• Battery operated (24V DC) with on-board charger
• Easy to move adjustable forks
• Retractable cord reels
• 70" of rise
• (4) 18,000 lbs. capacity columns (72,000 lbs. capacity total)
• Extended fork kit
• Light kit
• Pendant control
• Wheel engaging cross beam
• Frame engaging cross beam
• Jack stands 
Unobstructed Floor (Productivity)
Both housings are recessed for “zero clearance” drive-thru when the lift is in the down position. A wheel spotting dish for axle positioning guides the placement of the vehicle for lifting.
Galvanized Shutter Plate Trench Covers (Safety)
Trench covers with stainless steel hinge points increase productivity by eliminating the manual handling of the cover plates. It is self-storing and adjusts with the front piston to keep the pit covered at all times.
Patented Universal Saddle Adapter (Productivity)
The saddle adapter is designed for the front or rear post. A selection of adapters and inserts fit in the saddle to lift most heavy-duty vehicles. (U.S. Patent No. 6,471,009) A lower profile version is available for specific transit applications.
Electric Drive (Productivity)
A smooth and efficient movement of the front jack assembly allows for multiple wheelbase settings achieved through the electric drive. An auto spotting system allows positioning of the moveable piston without crawling around on the floor.
The Synchronized Multi-Stage Cylinder
The multi-stage cylinder design reduces lift housing depth to only 6’.
Containment Style Design
The containment housing dramatically reduces installation costs and allows for easy access to all components. This features our exclusive Enviro-Guard™ coating on both the inside and out to reduce electrolysis and deterioration of the lift.
Multi-Stage Locks
Each jack has a 13-position, dual-stage locking mechanism which locks every 4 1/8” starting at 22 1/2” of rise.
Optional Pendant Control (Productivity)
The pendant gives the ability for remote operation from the control console.
LDS™ System
Our patented LDS system (US Patent No. 6,814,187) signals the technician as liquid accumulates in the containment and a built-in access ports allow for easy fluid evacuation.
Joystick Controls (Productivity)
The control panel has a joystick to operate the system with fully proportional speed control by operating one jack at a time or all of the jacks simultaneously.
Control Console
The upright control console eliminates the need to bend down to run the lift. The bright, clear LCD display provides easily visible operational information, instructions and lift status.

RTP9 - 9,000 Pound Capacity Two Post Lift
• 9,000 lbs. Capacity
• Dual hydraulic cylinders with chains
• Comes with FREE truck adapters and mounting hardware
RTP10 - 10,000 Pound Capacity Two Post Lift
• 10,000 lbs. Capacity
• Overhead cable equalization
• ALI Certified  
RTP12 - 12,000 Pound Capacity Two Post Lift
• 12,000 lbs. Capacity
• Overhead cable equalization
• ALI Certified